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Art exhibitions

The International Centre for Intercultural Dialogue (C.I.D.I.), as part of its outreach activities and cultural exchanges, organizes and promotes exhibitions by renowned and emergent European and Moroccan artists to take place at the Kassr Annoujoum, or at any public and private galleries throughout the city of Fes. Exhibitions held at the Kassr are tipically on display for about three months. It is possible for third parties to set up art shows at the Kassr, under agreement to be arranged with the secretariat of C.I.D.I. (admin@cidifes.org) or with the Kassr management (info@kassr-fes.com).

Symposiums and conferences

Symposiums, conferences and roundtables regarding intercultural dialogue issues, with particular reference to the Mediterranean area, are regularly organized by the C.I.D.I., in collaboration with universities and specialized research centre in Europe and Morocco, at the Kassr Annoujoum or at other prestigious venues throughout the city. It is possible for third parties to organize these type of events at the Kassr, under agreement to be arrange with the secretariat of C.I.D.I. (admin@cidifes.org) or with the Kassr management (info@kassr-fes.com).


Music is one of the major vehicle to establish intercultural dialogues. For this reason the C.I.D.I. has created a partnership with the “Esprit de Fès” Foundation, which organized the biggest music festival in Morocco, the “Moroccan International Sacred Music Festival” of Fez, sponsoring the participation of Italian Ensemble. Along with the sacred music, the future events will also featured a Jazz festival and the Lyric festival “Il Bel Canto”.
In addition, the C.I.D.I. promotes, at the Kassr Annoujoum, chamber concerts that include classical, contemporary and jazz music, performed by either Italian or international ensemble. Concerts are usually followed by a buffet dinner. For scheduling information contact the secretariat of C.I.D.I. (admin@cidifes.org) or the Kassr management (info@kassr-fes.com).
Furthermore, the Kassr hosts, on request, the so-called “Petits concerts”, small but very intense Andalusian music concerts performed by an exceptional Moroccon trio of musicians. The performances are accompanied by a vin d’honneur. For information and reservations contact the management of the Kassr (reservation@kassr-fes.com or admin@cidifes.org).

Seminars and courses

The C.I.D.I. organizes seminars and courses regarding a wide variety of subjects like Arab culture and history, Moroccan literature and more. The programs, held at the Kassr Annoujoum, are conducted, over a period of one or two weeks, by eminent professors and researchers. Both members and guests are elegible to participate. In order to enroll contact the secretariat of the C.I.D.I. ((admin@cidifes.org).

Culinary sessions

The cuisine is a work of art itself and at the same time one of the most direct medium of acknowledgment and one of the most effective tools for understanding among peoples. With this in mind, in the magical atmosheres of “Thousand and One Nights”, culinary sessions are organized at the Kassr regarding Moroccan, French and Italian cuisine specialties, prepared by a master chef and served like artworks. For further information and reservations contact the Kassr management (info@kassr-fes.com).