The International Centre for Intercultural Dialogue, which is based in Fez at the Kassr Annoujoum, is an association of Moroccan law, established on October 15, 2010, including Italian and Moroccan members.

The CIDI, in collaboration with the Foundation Francesco Paolo and Annamaria Ducci and in line with the aims of the latter, has as its main goal the creation of a permanent forum to carry out activities in order to promote an effective dialogue between different cultures, and in particular:

to affirm the central role of culture as effective instrument of understanding between peoples and also as mean of economic and social development
to organize cultural events in Morocco
to facilitate the exchange of artists and intellectuals between the countries on both shores of the Mediterranean
to foster relations with Moroccan intellectual circles in all domains
to organize seminars for European researchers


organization of an important cultural event on the occasion of the General Assembly
organization of exhibitions of contemporary artists in Morocco and Moroccan artists in Italy
organization of conferences and symposia, both in Italy and in Morocco on the theme of intercultural dialogue in the Mediterranean region
implementation of a program which provides fellowships for top researchers from European countries on a common theme.